Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Shopping Haul

Sorry for the time it's taken to post again! What, with Uni going back and everything, I've been a little preoccupied. It's no excuse! Time to pick up my act again. You can expect posts far more often from now on. In my absence, however, I have been shopping.

I may have gone a little crazy the other day... Many times after a spending spree I get that unavoidable sense of guilt and/or sadness when I look at the bank balance. However, this time I'm still pretty chuffed with my purchases. I thought I'd share!

Real Techniques Foundation Brush & Stippling Brush.

I have already invested in Sam Chapman's brushes and I've been wanting to add a little more to my collection. These are two basics. I had hoped that the Foundation brush would be slightly thicker. I like the angled bristles though and am really excited to try this brush. The Stippling brush was exactly as I had expected however. Both brushes have the lovely softness that I've come to expect from Real Techniques. I love all these brushes.

I was interested in trying a product from the EcoTools range. I have also been in need of a new concealer brush so I thought I'd give this one a go. I really am impressed with the affordability of this brand. The brush is made of taklon bristles (the same artificial material as the Real Technique line) which mean 100% free of animal cruelty! Other materials used such as the metal ferrule (the band containing the bristles) are of recycled products. The brand also participates in 1% For The Planet which is a program where they donate 1% of their overall sales to environmental organizations. I just really like the feeling of being good to the planet! I haven't properly used this brush yet, but I think I'm already sold. I'll let you all know.

Australis Crème Colour (Flirtatious Pink)
This is my first crème blusher (*gasp*). I know. How embarrassing. In my defence, I'm a poor Uni student and it's never been a product on the top of my agenda. But as I already had my arms full of items I thought I'd chuck this in too and finally own a cream blush. I have to put it out there: I'm not totally blown away with this product yet. However, I haven't used it enough yet to properly make a conclusion. I will definitely be reviewing this little one in the future, so stay tuned!

Sally Hansen Cuticle Erase + Balm
I'm yet to trial this, but I'm quite looking forward to it. It's one of the first Sally Hansen products that I have bought. I have had a real problem with my cuticles lately and I'm hoping this is my miracle product. It has white tea and cucumber within its ingredients which also sucked me in. Stay tuned for my thoughts on this one!

I have recently had a hair cut, much to many of my acquaintances dismay. I basically cut it all off. I'd had long hair for a while and now I don't have no idea what to do with it. I saw this advertised and thought I'd give it run. It's yet to be used. Rest assured, I will definitely be reviewing this it. One thing I can say already is that it smells amaze-balls. I'd use it for that reason alone.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara (001 Black)

I have a growing collection of mascaras. This one I was convinced to try after reading and watching Amy's blog at The Camera's Lying. I really love my mascara with a big fat wand. Volume is important to me - especially as I suck at putting falsies on - and I like anything that makes my lashes look bigger and bolder. Rimmel ScandalEyes certainly does this for me. Not to sure about a few other things though. I'll be writing my thoughts soon.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo (25 Bad to the Bronze)
I've already got this product in Inked in Pink. I really love the metallic cream and it lasts beautifully. I really wanted a bronze shadow and saw this recommended on Nouvelle here. Essentially, I put two and two together and decided this was the one for me. They're really great little pots. Go Maybelline.

Revlon Colour Stay Foundation (150 Buff)
Lover of foundations that I am, I grabbed this on my way to the counter. I have used it before; it was actually my go-to foundation during my school years. Back before I ever knew of the wonders of Chanel, Estee and Nars. I know that this is one of the favourite long wear foundations available in drugstores, but I just can't appreciate it as much having experienced high end alternatives. I know, I'm a snob! I hate admitting it. This is still a really good foundation though, good coverage, good lasting power. It's just not as good as my new favourites.
All of the products listed above are available in store or online at Priceline as well as their own sites which I have listed. Thanks for reading and subscribe!
Rachel xx
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