Tuesday, 26 November 2013

KORA Hydrating Mask & Energising Citrus Mist

Kora. My heart does a little flip at the mention of the word. I recently got my hands on some of Miranda Kerr's products and, let me tell you, the day they came in the mail the whole house knew about it. It can't be pinned down to one thing - the smell, the texture, the luxurious feel, the refreshing packaging, the fact that it's entirely organic, or even that it might bring me that little bit closer to being like Miranda Kerr. Kora Organics is everything wrapped up in one for me. Where one brand lacks, Kora doesn't.

I received the Hydrating Mask and the Energising Citrus Mist - two of my most lusted over products.

Let's start with the Energising Citrus Mist; it's has found a place in my morning ritual. The first thing that hits you with the little bottle is the smell. As soon as it hits, you get the combination of citrus and spice. And it's amazing. Using mandarin and bergamot with the likes of sandalwood, it's heavy but refreshing at the same time. The Energising Citrus Mist also tones really well, giving skin just the right 'tight' feeling of being clean, without being irritating or drying.

Then there's the Hydrating Mask. Oh lordy, prepare yourself for a rave! I'll be as succinct as I can. This. Smells. Like. Heaven. You know that luscious, heavy, herbal scent you get the moment you walk into a day spa? The one that makes you instantly breathe in deeply and relax? Imagine that, packed into one little bottle, ready to be smothered onto your face. I'd use this for that reason alone. But it really is a fantastic mask as well. Packed with all sort of  natural goodies like rosehip and sunflower oil and, of course, the Kora key ingredient - Noni Fruit.

It's the best feeling knowing that, not only are you looking after your skin, you're doing it without an ounce of artificial product. No chemicals that are going to turn around and hurt you later. Just good old fashion nature.

These products cater for all skin types. They're 100% Certified Organic, Australian made and free of animal cruelty.

Have you tried Kora? Are you converted? What are your favourites?

Rachel x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sukin Pack (Thanks to Beauty & Things!)

This has certainly been a long time coming! At the end of October I received an email from Kerri at Beauty & Things letting me know I'd won her Sukin Spring Essential Giveaway! As I never win anything, this was exciting enough. However, I was doubly excited about receiving some Sukin products as I'd never tried them beforehand.

I waited patiently and eventually the box came in the mail. I received:

Sukin Sunless Bronzing Gel: I recently did a post on tanners. I wish I had have included this now! But I hadn't tried it out enough to give an assessment. This stuff is unreal. As Sukin have a focus on natural products, this tanner doesn't come with that horrible chemical scent that most have. It uses caramel as an instant colour, so that you can see where you've been, and aloe-vera to moisturise. Having said that, it is a gel formula. I personally love gels, but not everyone does. I recommend trying this even if you haven't mixed well with gels in the past. It's that good.

This has been getting a serious workout. I absolutely adore the scent of this. My boyfriend thinks it smells of Jaffa (which I don't really like). However, I find it smells very herbal and relaxing. For an oil, it soaks in well. Though there is the residue one ought to expect from an oil, it's not thick and heavy so I'm sure this would work well on the face, although I haven't tried that yet. It contains rosehip, marula seed, avocado and soybean oils and calendula flower extract amongst other goodies. If I think of a hot, sultry summer night, this scent would belong well. LOVE this stuff.

This now has a regular spot in my nightly skincare routine. It smells heavily of rose, which I like. It's incredibly light and soaks in well. Yet it does work well as a toner. My skin doesn't feel too tight like a lot of toners do. Plus, like all of these products, it's 100% vegan AND carbon neutral. Go Sukin!

This is the only product which took me a bit to warm up to. This isn't the best lip balm product ever used, but I'd bet that it's the best for me. It's reasonably thick and I find that it takes a lot to squeeze it out. I'm talking quite a bit of force. But, on the plus side, it's not going to leak everywhere! I use this nightly too now, it does a super job at rehydrating. Overall, it's not as bad as I first thought. Admittedly, if I had have found it easier to squeeze out, my first impression might have been much better!

I have to thank Kerri from Beauty & Things again for the opportunity to use these products! If you haven't already come across her blog, I highly recommend you get yourself over there and check it out for yourself. Support Aussie blogging!

Also, thanks to Sukin for their generosity! You may have just converted me, just sayin'...

Rachel x

Saturday, 9 November 2013

October Empties

What's this? Two blog posts on the in the same week? I know, I know. I'm pretty good. Actually, I'm not; I've been pretty bad at terrible at posting lately. So here's me trying to make up for it.

Some of these easily fit under the Favourites line, but they are, undisputedly, empty. And so here they must fall. Let it be a sign that they are well loved - for they absolutely are this month.

First, the Loreal 'Gentle Eye Makeup Remover'. This is about my third or fourth bottle that I've used up now. And, yep, I've already got another. It's lovely and gentle and has the slightest hint of rose in its scent. Nothing too over-powering though, or else I wouldn't have liked it. This gets the grit off and doesn't ruin my lashes or eyes doing it. Great stuff.

I've also used up a sample bottle of the Mary Kay 'Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover'. I didn't mind this stuff. It's also meant to be very gentle and it certainly removes the bulk of the makeup from my lashes and lid without my pull and tugging. I did find that if I got it in my eye, as can happen, it kinda hurt. More so than my Loreal one I should say. Obviously anything going into your eye is going to irritate, but this stung for me.

My Estee Lauder 'Double Wear' foundation. I milked this bottle for all it was worth. I absolutely love this stuff, I would go so far as to say it's my favourite foundation - and I'm a foundation lover *read: addict*. This will not go unpurchased for long.

The Lush 'Gorgeous Facial Moisteriser', was used every day upon opening. I'll admit, this little sample had me unsure at first. Being vegan and made entirely from natural ingredients, its smell is rather herbal. Think health food shop/patchouli. But after a couple of uses I couldn't get enough of it. Now the smell makes me think of cleanliness. I used it in the morning and it really woke me up. As a moisturiser, my skin really loved not being choked up with artificial ingredients. It left my skin soft and awake. I love it, and want more.

I was away from home for 10 days and decided to take these little travel sized bottle of the Alfaparf Milano 'Illuminating' Shampoo and Conditioner. They lasted me the full 10 days which was great. As for the product, I really liked it. My hair felt properly clean afterwards and soft. The shampoo wasn't a heavy consistency, but still sudded up well - which is a must for me! The conditioner left my hair really nourished and feeling strong. I was really impressed with these. My normal shampoo and conditioner are almost up soon - will these take the next spot? We'll see!

Finally, I've let it be known before how much I love my bath time. I always set aside time in the week to relax and chill in the bath. I'm always going through bubbles and oils and salts. This month I finished up the Arome Ambience 'French Vanilla - Aromatic Bubble Bath'. This is the only products I really have mixed feelings about. I love the smell, but it doesn't last long once it becomes bubbles. It also suds up well, but they don't last long either. For a cheap purchase it's not bad. I'll keep looking though I think.

Have you used any of these products? I'd love to know what you think!

Rachel x

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Friday, 8 November 2013

October Favourites

So it's taken a little bit to get this post up. Sorry about that! October has been a busy month for me, not only has it involved a significant amount of socialisation (including my birthday!), it's also meant a huge load of uni work. But the good news is, I'm over the hump of it! Now I can focus on the more important things! I've had quite a few favourites over the month of October. Let's get to it!

Possibly the most exciting thing I received all month, was the Dolce & Gabbana 'The One' fragrance. I've been in love with this scent for a quite a while now, and always get a spray from the tester when I pass by it. I was very lucky to receive it for my birthday and, consequently, been walking around infrequently sniffing myself ever since. This perfume is hard for me to nail down; it's a fruity-florally-vanilla-musk type scent. So that should clear up any confusion out there. I really do love 'The One' - it's utterly feminine, but sophisticated. It can be light and heavy, depending on what you want it to be. It's a must smell kinda thing.

Whenever the weather changes, it causes me to go through all my makeup. Upon doing my Spring
clean, I re-ignited my love for Nars Sheer Glow foundation. I know this has Holy Grail status, and it totally deserves it. The moment I used it again I remembered exactly how good this stuff is. The coverage is brilliant, which means it right up my alley. But it's the formula of this foundation that makes it to lovely. It's not cakey, but it covers up any scarring/blemishes that I have with absolute ease. It looks beautiful on the skin - I've had several people ask me what I'm using when I've had this on. This bottle's on its last legs, so I'll be running out to re-purchase any day now.

The first of the lip products that have shone this month is the Bourjois Colour Boost sticks in 'Peach on the Beach'. This little baby is ideal for Spring. It's light in formula, gorgeously pink and feminine, plus it has an SPF of 15, which will get you started for the approaching Summer. This thing will always have a place in my. It's so easy to use - I can apply on the move between classes etc. - yet still has great pigmentation.

Something new to my list of purchases - the Designer Brand's Chubby Lip Crayon in Lady Lilac. So the name isn't exactly original, and neither is the concept, but I actually really like this product. What one needs to keep in mind with this brand is that for the price you pay, you get a lot. Having said that, you can expect it to have to the lasting power of something a little higher in price. These lip crayons are, surprisingly, really pigmented. At this stage I've only acquired the one colour, however, I might just get my hands on some more. I've never been adventurous enough to get a colour as out there as this, so I've been wearing it everywhere lately. You may expect a post on this coming shortly.
No surprises here. It's getting warmer, so the sheerer the better. The Revlon Lip Butters are my ideal lip product right now. My favourite shade is this orangey hue named 'Tutti Frutti'. It instantly makes me happy. I've spoken about it before, here.

I've been on an Essie splurge this month. Priceline had a 2 for $20 sale!! I restrained myself, really I did. My favourite hue at the moment would have to be 'Lilacism' though. It's soft and floral and makes me think of Spring.

Not surprisingly, the Maybelline Dream Pure BB has been a staple now that it's warmer. I've done a post on this which you can read here. I just love the coverage I get with this and the fact that it's simultaneously treating my skin. Win, win!

If anything were to take the glory away from my Dolce & Gabbana 'The One', it would be this bby, hands down. I received this gorgeous bag from the George Gina & Lucy label for my birthday. I had fallen in love with it when I was on holiday several months back and my mum and sister, the sneaky devils, managed to buy it, get it back to the hotel, pack it, get it through HAND LUGGAGE, and home without my even suspecting a thing. How did they do it? It's a mystery. I am an extremely nosy person by nature and am appalled at myself for never knowing. Still, it did make me the happiest girl in the world when I found out it was mine. Yes, this deserves its own post, so that will be coming shortly. It's definitely justified being here in my favourites too though. Isn't it lovely?
That rounds up my October favourites. I have already got the makings of some winners for November so look out at the end of the month for them!
Rachel x
P.S. I'm so sorry guys! I never got a photo for the Eve Lom Cleanser or the Manicare Beginning to End nail product!! If you want to read about the cleanser, I've done a about it post here. If you're interested in the Manicare Beginning to End, I have a post dedicated to it on it's way! Keep an eye out!
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