Saturday, 9 November 2013

October Empties

What's this? Two blog posts on the in the same week? I know, I know. I'm pretty good. Actually, I'm not; I've been pretty bad at terrible at posting lately. So here's me trying to make up for it.

Some of these easily fit under the Favourites line, but they are, undisputedly, empty. And so here they must fall. Let it be a sign that they are well loved - for they absolutely are this month.

First, the Loreal 'Gentle Eye Makeup Remover'. This is about my third or fourth bottle that I've used up now. And, yep, I've already got another. It's lovely and gentle and has the slightest hint of rose in its scent. Nothing too over-powering though, or else I wouldn't have liked it. This gets the grit off and doesn't ruin my lashes or eyes doing it. Great stuff.

I've also used up a sample bottle of the Mary Kay 'Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover'. I didn't mind this stuff. It's also meant to be very gentle and it certainly removes the bulk of the makeup from my lashes and lid without my pull and tugging. I did find that if I got it in my eye, as can happen, it kinda hurt. More so than my Loreal one I should say. Obviously anything going into your eye is going to irritate, but this stung for me.

My Estee Lauder 'Double Wear' foundation. I milked this bottle for all it was worth. I absolutely love this stuff, I would go so far as to say it's my favourite foundation - and I'm a foundation lover *read: addict*. This will not go unpurchased for long.

The Lush 'Gorgeous Facial Moisteriser', was used every day upon opening. I'll admit, this little sample had me unsure at first. Being vegan and made entirely from natural ingredients, its smell is rather herbal. Think health food shop/patchouli. But after a couple of uses I couldn't get enough of it. Now the smell makes me think of cleanliness. I used it in the morning and it really woke me up. As a moisturiser, my skin really loved not being choked up with artificial ingredients. It left my skin soft and awake. I love it, and want more.

I was away from home for 10 days and decided to take these little travel sized bottle of the Alfaparf Milano 'Illuminating' Shampoo and Conditioner. They lasted me the full 10 days which was great. As for the product, I really liked it. My hair felt properly clean afterwards and soft. The shampoo wasn't a heavy consistency, but still sudded up well - which is a must for me! The conditioner left my hair really nourished and feeling strong. I was really impressed with these. My normal shampoo and conditioner are almost up soon - will these take the next spot? We'll see!

Finally, I've let it be known before how much I love my bath time. I always set aside time in the week to relax and chill in the bath. I'm always going through bubbles and oils and salts. This month I finished up the Arome Ambience 'French Vanilla - Aromatic Bubble Bath'. This is the only products I really have mixed feelings about. I love the smell, but it doesn't last long once it becomes bubbles. It also suds up well, but they don't last long either. For a cheap purchase it's not bad. I'll keep looking though I think.

Have you used any of these products? I'd love to know what you think!

Rachel x

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