Tuesday, 26 November 2013

KORA Hydrating Mask & Energising Citrus Mist

Kora. My heart does a little flip at the mention of the word. I recently got my hands on some of Miranda Kerr's products and, let me tell you, the day they came in the mail the whole house knew about it. It can't be pinned down to one thing - the smell, the texture, the luxurious feel, the refreshing packaging, the fact that it's entirely organic, or even that it might bring me that little bit closer to being like Miranda Kerr. Kora Organics is everything wrapped up in one for me. Where one brand lacks, Kora doesn't.

I received the Hydrating Mask and the Energising Citrus Mist - two of my most lusted over products.

Let's start with the Energising Citrus Mist; it's has found a place in my morning ritual. The first thing that hits you with the little bottle is the smell. As soon as it hits, you get the combination of citrus and spice. And it's amazing. Using mandarin and bergamot with the likes of sandalwood, it's heavy but refreshing at the same time. The Energising Citrus Mist also tones really well, giving skin just the right 'tight' feeling of being clean, without being irritating or drying.

Then there's the Hydrating Mask. Oh lordy, prepare yourself for a rave! I'll be as succinct as I can. This. Smells. Like. Heaven. You know that luscious, heavy, herbal scent you get the moment you walk into a day spa? The one that makes you instantly breathe in deeply and relax? Imagine that, packed into one little bottle, ready to be smothered onto your face. I'd use this for that reason alone. But it really is a fantastic mask as well. Packed with all sort of  natural goodies like rosehip and sunflower oil and, of course, the Kora key ingredient - Noni Fruit.

It's the best feeling knowing that, not only are you looking after your skin, you're doing it without an ounce of artificial product. No chemicals that are going to turn around and hurt you later. Just good old fashion nature.

These products cater for all skin types. They're 100% Certified Organic, Australian made and free of animal cruelty.

Have you tried Kora? Are you converted? What are your favourites?

Rachel x