Monday, 29 July 2013

Review: Australis Nail Colour

Given that where I'm living is only now experiencing some decent Winter temperatures, I'm desperate for the warmth back. (Note: I'm aware that Australia's opinion of "cold" varies greatly from elsewhere in the world.) However, I thought that I'd managed to get through the cooler seasons without really having to miss the sun. Especially as I have just come home from a trip to the Sunshine Coast (a strategically placed holiday, I assure you). But alas, it's cold. And I'm missing Summer with a passion. So I went out and bought myself the most Summery of colours I could find. Enter Australis Nail Colour in the gorgeously warm weathered of hues, Sweetpea.

My luck was still against me of course. I brought it home, applied the first lacquer of colour, stood up to wait for it to dry and knocked the bottle. It smashed all over the floor and I spent the next half hour trying to apply a second coat from a puddle of polish before cleaning up the remnants. *sigh*. The world was against me that day. But I have since been out and repurchased it and am feeling better about life. Let's get down to the details, shall we?
Sweetpea is a lovely aqua green colour that fits in perfectly with the turquoise/aqua/marine trend we are seeing at the moment. Truthfully, the colour has a little more green in it than I expected from the bottle. In some lights it is decidedly green. In others, there is a little more of the blue I first fell in love with.
The product itself is reasonably well wearing. I wouldn't say it is "streak-free" as the bottle claims. I found it wasn't until I applied the second layer that it revealed an even colour. (My scooping up polish from the floor for coat no. 2 wasn't pathetic, it was essential! I swear!) I have three coats on within these pictures just to be sure of a solid colour.

Also, perhaps it's just this colour, but I feel like I've seen some shinier nail polishes in my time too, despite what Australis claim. There is definitely shine there though, I'm not denying that. As Sweetpea is a pastel colour, it could be the reason for a slightly more matte appearance at first glance...

For a bit more jazz, I decorated a nail on each hand with a top coat of Sportsgirl's Silver Glitter nail polish. I love the glitter fragments in this product. There are two different sizes, the larger is still a relatively small circular particle. The other size is a real speck of silver. Together, they create a gorgeous sparkle. I only did one coat on each nail and the coverage is fantastic. It dries very smoothly for a glitter nail polish. I got this for just $8.95 in store. It's definitely worth the buy!
You can buy Australis Nail Colour from their website for only $7.95. I am loving how proudly free of animal testing this brand is. Many of the products are also Vegan Friendly which is an added bonus!
Rachel x
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