Wednesday, 28 August 2013

August Empties

Imperial Leather Foam Burst 200g; Swisspers Original Facial Wipes 25 ($6.30); Cotton Tips 100 pk; The Bath House Spa Sensation Salts; L'Oreal Paris Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover 125ml ($12.99); Grace Cole Lavender Apothecary Shower Gel 100ml.

Seeing as though it's only two days left until the end of August I thought I could conclude my empties now so that I can throw them out!

No make-up finished this month but that keeps me happy because it means that I still have it all to use! I hate throwing out makeup - even when there's not a skerrick left.

My empties this month were basically made up of bath care when I come to look at it. I've been having a weekly bath as a form a relaxation. I live in a house with three other boys - I need some girl time set aside!

With that in mind, the first item I call to your attention is the Cussons Imperial Leather Foamburst in Ocean Breeze (Sea kelp & Birch bark). I love this stuff!! It comes out as a gel and then foams into an exorbitant amount of soapy foam - exactly like shaving gel. This product turns into a ridiculous amount of foam - it's kind of amazing. Having said that it is a soap, so if you find you get dry skin from shower gels that aren't soap free you will probably have an issue with this one. Especially as it's foam as well, rather than milk. I am well on my way to finishing the Tropical Sunset (Coconut & Tiare Flower) scent in this and have Japanese Spa ( Jasmine & Green Tea) and Summer Zest (Mandarin, Lemon & Ylang Ylang) waiting in line. They all smell awesome and it lasts for a good amount of time after your shower.

Next up are the Swisspers Original facial wipes. Yes, yes, we all know they are the cardinal sin of skin care. We also know that the majority of us have them! I'm putting it out there that I have a good skin care routine. But there are some nights where it's just not going to happen. I really liked these wipes for those times. They don't contain alcohol and managed to remove a decent amount of makeup. The material was lovely and soft. These are really gentle but also feel refreshing and soothing. I know they're not the best option, but they're better than nothing!

I then finished a little bottle of bath salts which came in a gift pack I received a long time ago. I'm almost embarrassed how long I've had it. But as I said, I've really been loving my baths at the moment and this was used up pretty quickly. It's the Spa Sensations range from a brand called The Bath House. However, as I got this such a long time ago, the set is no longer available. There are lots of lovelies on their site though, so I recommend having a look.  Anyways, this had a lovely, heavy scent with ginger and aloe. I generally don't like ginger in any form, but this was not distinguishable and made for a relaxing bath. I didn't find it did much in terms of nourishment for my skin but it definitely added to the ambience. I really liked this and, having found their website, think I might invest in The Bath House in the future.

I also finished this lavender shower gel from Grace Cole's Lavender Apothecary range which can be found here. This was really lovely. I used it as a bubble bath and it did bubble up quite well, although they didn't last for the whole time. I love the smell of lavender so this really did add to the relaxation. Again, I'm not sure how much this did for my skin -as it's really a shower gel it is aimed at getting you spick and span. I also have the accompanying body cream which smells amaze-balls. I would definitely purchase again from this brand, although I did receive this in another gift pack if my memory serves me correctly.

I also finished up a pack of cotton tips. A girl must always have cotton tips, it's a known fact. These were a 100 pack from Chemmart where I work. Nothing much to say about them really. They're cotton tips. But hey, they're finished!

Finally, the only thing I used up in skincare recently is my L'Oreal Paris Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover. I've never been overly fussy which eye makeup remover I use. However, I have actually repurchased this. It's really soothing and gets the job done well. Just a simple, water-based remover; it's made with sensitive eyes in mind so it's perfect for contact lens wearers as well. I personally don't have any sensitivity to speak of but I just really like the light feel of this. Also available is the Eye an Lip Make-Up Remover, but I seem to remember this feeling a little more harsh on my skin. I'm not sure why though, it was a while ago and I only used it once. It has a mild rose scent - not strong enough to put off rose-scent-haters! This just smells fresh and clean and makes your eyes feel the same. What more is there for it to do?

So there are my empty, finished products from the month of August. I'm so, so excited to say goodbye to Winter and welcome Spring back with open arms! Today was the first day I could stand in the sun with a singlet on and soak in Vitamin D. It was heaven! Fingers crossed that this weather is here to stay now!

Have you used any of the products I finished this month? What were your thoughts?

Rachel x

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