Tuesday, 27 August 2013

KMS California Colour Vitality Review

I have naturally blonde hair and have, for quite a while now, been maintaining it with foils/highlights. I've been very lucky as my hair's always been healthy and I rarely find split ends. My go-to shampoo and conditioner has always been from the Matrix range with the addition of the Matrix Silver Shampoo. This time around, however, I felt like a change.

Originally, I walked into Hairhouse Warehouse intending on purchasing from the Redken Blonde Glam range. As per usual, luck was not with me - there were no conditioners on the shelf to match the shampoo! Well I couldn't very well buy two different brands - it had to be a set! So after talking to the lovely lady in the store I walked out with KMS California Colour Vitality Blonde Shampoo and the accompanying conditioner.

I'll start with the shampoo - I really wasn't sure if I liked this to start off with. I have no idea why. Maybe it's just that I'd been using the lovely Matrix for so long that anything else didn't feel right... Who knows? After 3 or so days, however, I began to get into it. The consistency is not as thick as the Matrix shampoo, but with a little more product it does foam up well. Even though it is a blonde shampoo, I don't leave this on for  extended time. I still use my Matrix Silver Shampoo in between this and my conditioner which I love to use to keep my ideal tone. The Colour Vitality Blonde Shampoo certainly leaves my hair sparkly clean too, I just don't get to enjoy that luxurious feel of Matrix.

The Colour Vitality Conditioner is something I adapted to far more easily. I have a habit of using too much product when it comes to conditioner. This one is so moisturising and feels lovely and thick on application. I need the tiniest of amounts to cover my head. In turn, its helped me become far more economical in the conditioner-ing of my hair!

This duo leaves my locks feeling light as a feather and silky clean. It's helped keep my blonde hair free of brassy tones and adds a bit of life to my otherwise dull hair. Having said that, I'm not sure if I'll repurchase in the future. I still want to try the Redkin range which I think will be my next buy.

Have you tried the KMS California range? Let me know what you thought, or any other products that you would recommend for blonde hair!

Until next time,

Rachel x

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