Friday, 20 December 2013

Festive Nails #2

For those of you who are thinking of adding a little festive glamour to your Christmas Day attire, but are not sure how, look no further! These holiday inspired nails are super simple; even a nail art novice such as myself can do it!

To get this look I started with a base coat using the Manicare Beginning To End polish. I then applied two layers of my favourite Christmas-sy red - this year my go-to colour is Double Decker Red from Rimmel. After letting this dry well I got myself a trusty bobby pin (it's all about the tools of the trade) and, using the one of the rounded points, applied Sally Hansen's Extreme Wear polish in the colour White On.

This acted beautifully as a dotting tool as i opted for a special accent finger on each hand. However, I also used it to apply the white on the rest of the nails. I found that by dotting to create a line I managed to create something that reminds me of the trim on Santa's suit. I love that this isn't a perfectly polished line as it simply appears fluffy and jolly - just like Saint Nick! To finish off I slapped on a really thick layer of the Manicare Beginning To End again. Make sure you wait long enough before following this step; you want your polish to have dried properly so that no colour smudging occurs as you cross layers! 

This is a super cute and easy way to add some festive cheer this Christmas and is bound to make you look like a pro! For another equally as lovely Christmas look that's even simpler than this one, click here!

Have a merry Christmas everyone! Happy painting!

Rachel x