Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Festive Fingers!

I'm always a sucker for Christmas. My plans for decking the house out with various shades of tinsel and baubles begin well before December hits. There really is no better time of the year, in my humble opinion. So why shouldn't my festive spirit spread all the way to the tips of my fingers? I recently did a little nail D.I.Y. and seeing as I've received a number of compliments (to which I reply "Don't look too closely") I thought I'd share it with you all! I've never dabbled very much in nail art. I've always found it far too intimidating. Yet, given the time of year, I thought I'd chuck on a bit of extra sparkle! 
Seeing as I'm very much a novice, I kept it all very simple. Starting with a base coat of the Manicare Beginning to End. This is a great little bottle that acts as a base polish, a hardening treatment and a top coat all in one. I've been loving it lately and have noticed such a difference in my nails. So much so that it'll be featuring in it's own little post in the coming weeks. I digress. Back to the nails!

After applying as base coat, I slapped a couple of coats of Essie's Ballet Slippers and left it to dry well. I then found myself a suitable amount of sparkle - this one is an option from Sportsgirl which was aptly named 'Silver Glitter'. I haven't invested in any decent nail tools yet, but I found a really fine artist paint brush did the job beautifully! I chose to do two accent fingers on each hand - my index and my ring finger. The trick is to go slowly - don't just slap it on or you will make a mistake. I found doing two layers of this created a better, more defined, line. To finish - after allowing to dry completely - I topped it with another thick layer of the Manicare Beginning to End and I was done! Simples!
This was ridiculously easy to create and I just love how pretty it looks. It reminds me of snowflakes, or the chilly winter's air. Even though my Christmas entails neither of these things, living in Australia, it still represents the festive season to me!
What are your favourite ways of getting into the Christmas spirit?
Rachel x