Thursday, 19 September 2013

Essie Nail Polish at Priceline!

Listen up Aussies! Just in case you haven't heard, Essie nail polishes are now available at Priceline stores and online!

One cannot fathom the excitement I felt as I casually strolled into my local Priceline store and found the gloriously new, shiny and, naturally, coloured stand that shouted Essie. I had not planned on purchasing any nail polish, but it was out of the question for me to walk on by! Unfortunately, the main colour I wanted to try, "Mint Candy Apple", was already sold out. No surprised there. But I went home with two new colours anyway.

I first picked out "Bikini So Teeny", which is a gorgeous 'cornflower' blue with the slightest shimmer. I say lightest in that it's practically unnoticeable. I love this colour going into Spring. I think it's got just enough pastel to fit on trend but still provides a hit of colour.

I also grabbed "Marshmallow" as I have been wanting a new white lately. I have recently had intentions of possibly trying my hand at nail art (I expect no masterpieces!), and I thought this would be handy as a base. I really like a plain white nail at the moment though, especially after seeing Lily sport it on her New York trip. I'm wearing this look now and love how fresh it feels. I do find it requires a little more upkeep however, as white easily stains/discolours.

My, oh, my! I am so happy to have the Essie range at my finger tips now. The colours are just to die for and you could literally spend hours deciding over which one to take home.

Happy shopping! :)

Rachel x

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