Friday, 10 January 2014

November/December Empties

I was a little bit naughty in December (read: lazy) and didn't quite find the time to get my November Empties up. As I did in my Favourites post, I intend to rectify this by combining both months together in one big post!

I have done a post on this range a little while back so I won't ramble too much in this one. You can read about it here. What I would add to this, however, is that I found my hair got a little lack-luster by the time I was finishing the bottle. It definitely maintained my colour nicely, but I feel it's a little heavy for my fine hair in hindsight. 

Certified organic ingredients such as rosehip and almond oil; 100% biodegradable materials; free of nasties such as parabens, alcohol and petrochemicals. These wipes are kind of impressive. I know facial wipes should be avoided, but I actually found these really handy. I took these to a party which I intended to sleep over at where I wore quite a lot of makeup for a costume. These took everything off (including mascara, eyeliner etc.) and left my skin feeling reasonably plump still. The wipes were definitely not harsh or drying on the skin. I also liked the feel of the material itself, surprisingly thick and strong, yet soft on my skin. I loved using these and am really impressed by the brand. I'm always looking for certified organic products!

I've always been loyal to this toning shampoo. I love Matrix and think I will always go back to them when it comes to hair care. This is about my fourth bottle of this stuff and I'm always so sad when it's all gone. I love how luxurious it feels in my hair - it suds up well (not necessarily, but I like it) and feels thick and rich. It's always kept my blonde fresh and free of brassy/yellow tones. It's always a winner in my eyes and, without doubt, I'll end up with another bottle in my shower.

I still don't know whether this spray did anything to my skin, but I really liked using it! It had no scent or colour, so it really was like spraying water onto my face. It's not meant as a toning spray, so you can't feel any effect on the skin. What I can say, is that it always felt refreshing and soothing. Which makes sense as it's recommend on irritated skin (sunburn, dermatitis, etc.). I used this in my nightly skincare routine between toner and serum/moisturiser. While I can't be absolutely certain, I felt as though my skin was better hydrated - both immediately and for longer. The only thing I'm still not entirely comfortable with is the aerosol can. I'm not big on the idea of spray things from cans onto my skin and, even less, onto my face. No irritation occurred - it's just something to think about.

There's not a lot that needs to be said about this liquid gold. It's basically cemented cult status and it's all for good reason. It's lovely and nourishing. It doesn't weigh down my fine hair too much. If nothing else, it smells amazeballs! I've already got a brand spanking new bottle of it and probably always will.

I've said it well too many times already, but this really is my favourite mascara of all. Nothing has pushed it off it's perch yet. You can see this little sample size has been well loved. It gives awesome volume; brings them out to a decent length; doesn't clump; layers well; is lusciously black. I love it. Period.

I promise I will be far more organised from here on in! I hope you've all had a lovely holiday period. Have you used any of the products that I've finished up recently? Let me know you're thoughts in the comments below! And while you're there, give this post a +1  - it'd make my day!

Rachel x